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Aesthetic is becoming a necessity by becoming out of luxury Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Specialist Op. Dr. Ufuk Aydin said that the year 2018 will come from nature again. Experts who expressed that the aesthetic surgeries are positive contributors to the general body health, gave information about aesthetic surgery and medical aesthetic applications which will be popular in 2018.


Those who want to look more attractive and beautiful in the summer of 2018 have already started operations. Aesthetics have become one of the most important needs in our society. These needs will determine the trends of the new year and aesthetic surgery will continue to draw the line from nature again. The period we are in and the next year, as in every issue, offers a preference for aesthetics. A facial or body that shows itself because I had an aesthetic operation was totally out of fashion.


Aydin stated that the new trend is to repair the visible age-related and age-related damages on time and to get a vigorous age and to be younger. "The group of 18-35 age group that make up the young age group is mainly interested in nose aesthetics, ear aesthetics, body shaping, "The middle age group, 35-45 years old, will go to practice abdominal aesthetics, breast aesthetics, facial aesthetics, laser skin rejuvenation, gold needles, botox, filling applications."