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Effortless and minimal: Common 'natural' makeup errors

Say goodbye to heavily contoured faces; this is the era of no makeup looks but be aware not to make the common mistakes while trying to achieve this statement look. 

One of the best things about makeup is the fact that it has no rules and is open to everyone with any experimental ideas at any time. It is an art form that is diverse and open to creativity at any level. However, despite the lack of rules that govern the makeup world, there are still some guides that are useful in showing the way for certain type of makeup enthusiasts, such as natural makeup lovers. When it comes to natural makeup, the key is to remember is that the main point of makeup is to highlight your natural beauty rather than recreating yourself. In other words, in natural makeup, you would like to enhance your features rather than coming up with new ones. In order to achieve that natural look, there are few points that are regarded as mainstream that need to be considered while doing your makeup.

Do not paint your brows: Do not paint your brows harshly and boldly in an unnatural way. Yes, it is that basic and simple. The key to fill in your brows is to create shadow in sparse areas while creating false hairs in the places needed. However, when you go on with a brow pencil and create a thick, harsh brow - everyone notices that those are not real and second of all, it usually does not look good. I mean, if it is a part of your style, of course, go for it. But otherwise, stick with natural beauty and lightly draw your brow hairs with a pencil or powder that is in the same color as your eyebrows.

Do not mismatch foundation color: While choosing your foundation, try to match it to your neck rather than your face or hand. Both of those areas tend to be exposed to the sun more than your neck. Thus, when you pick a foundation that is in the same shade with your face, it is a high possibility to see a color difference with your neck, which would create a mask-like appearance, hence making your foundation too visible for those looking at you, which is so unnatural.

Do not use a lighter concealer: A concealer shade must be lighter than your skin to fulfill its promise properly. However, how much lighter is the main question. Use a concealer that is one or two shades lighter than your foundation color for under your eyes to be brightened and covered up. Although we all love these bright under eyes, too much brightness looks both unnatural and panda-like, which is definitely not so cute.

Do not use the wrong makeup base for your skin: Learn your skin type to pick up the perfect base products for you. If you have oily skin, avoid sparkling, dewy finished products both in primers and foundations and go for the mattifying ones with a velvet finish. If you have dry skin, then, of course, do vice versa. If you have a bit of both, then, create your own mix to find the perfect combination. Lastly, if you have large pores, use a primer that fills them before applying your foundation since it will create a smooth canvas.

Do not heavily powder your face: Although powder is quite useful to retain oil in your face and set your makeup to last till forever when it is used too much, it might create a heavy and cake-like appearance. Thus, try to use a lightweight translucent powder to set your face or a powder foundation if you want to add a bit more coverage. For your eyes, stick with the translucent one, either loose or pressed. However, do not forget to take a flash-light photo of yourself since the powder under your eyes may cause a flash-back in which your under eyes would look white in photos.

Do not use an orange bronzer or a sparkly contour product: Be careful while picking your bronzer and contour products. First of all, try to stick with your own undertone while choosing a bronzer. If you have a warm undertone than go with a yellow based one. However, if you have cooler undertones, going with more neutral undertones such as peach would probably look much better. However, the undertones like red or orange tend to look too much and too unnatural when it comes to bronzer, which is why avoiding it might be the best option. The rule applies to contour color as well. Avoid warm toned contour colors and try to go with the ashy-grey ones, especially if you have a light colored skin with pink undertones. Lastly, stick with matte or satin finished powders for your contouring product to have a more natural look, rather than the sparkling or shiny ones. Since your skin naturally has a semi-matte look, it is unnatural to use products with sparkle or shine within themselves to create a natural shadow on it.

Do not use too much blush: No one would like to spend hours in front of a mirror to end up looking like a clown, right? Which is why it is crucial to use a light hand while using blush. The trick is to take small portions of the product and slowly build it up to reach the desired color. Also, if you have a lighter skin tone, avoiding very dark colored blushes. Also, do not smile too much while applying blush on your cheeks, in contrast to what is said. Because when you stop smiling, your cheeks would look lower than normal due to the placement of the blush.

Do not use a highlight that extenuates your skin flaws: Most people do not even think that the color of the highlight does matter. However, it does, very much. First of all, it should be lighter than your skin, obviously, to highlight your face. However, it should also not be too light as if you have put some ice on your face. Besides, its texture is crucial to avoid creating attention on the textures on your skin, which is why highlighters with a creamy touch and finish are the way to go, especially for people that have skin with problematic textures.

Do not over-line your lips too much: Over-lining your lips is a trend that can both be a blessing and a curse. If it is done right, you would instantly have bigger, plump lips that look fabulous. However, if you exaggerate the process and go a little bit far, then you may end up with lips that look like they are drawn by a child with a school pen, which is not cool. Therefore, try to use a lip liner that is similar to your lip color while over-lining your lips and try to stick as close as possible to your lip line to avoid an unnatural look.