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What is personality?

One has to have a separation according to his own. Personality is an integral part of subsequent influences, such as environment and education, with preparations such as innate inheritance and body structure.

The first indication of personality occurs in children at three years of age. This is evident when the child begins to separate himself from the other people. Personality is one of the most comprehensive concepts in psychology. The concept of personality includes a combination of beliefs, attitudes, values, motives, temperament, behavior patterns of individuals. For this reason, the person does not have a single definition that all psychologists agree on.

Gordon W. Alport revealed that there are 48 different definitions of personality. Getzel collects these different definitions in 3 categories. These are behavioral definitions of personality, psychoanalytic definitions and social definitions. As you can see, psychologists define "personality" in different ways. However, when the personality definitions are examined, it is seen that there are some themes that psychologists have joined together. In these definitions, it is generally stated that the emotions, thoughts and behavior patterns distinguish individuals from other individuals.

The concept that expresses a person who is influential in social life with personality, talent and characteristics as a unique and unique entity. There is a place that is predominant in psychology and is defined in different ways according to different understandings. Personality, with the most general description, expresses the function of a conscious man to conceive himself as a unique and progressive subject.