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Why does love exist?

Love exists for the continuity of the nesen. It's best to focus on one person. Because if you mate with everyone, you can not concentrate. But focusing on one person is a guarantee. They also make children and invest in two people. Human being is not like an animal; he wants maintenance for at least 6 years. So two people choose a partner and say, 'We look after this child'. For him, love is basically about focusing on one person. Why is it so? Both to look after the child and to create a safe environment ... Because living two people is more secure than living alone. Living alone is very anxious. But living together is a reward for a person, or rather a hedonist. The primitive brain loves social cohesion, that is, coexistence, loves only one wife, and even loves the opposite s*e*x. Because there is a breeding instinct. Then it is a very pleasurable thing to have a human being, even a person of the opposite s*e*x. For him, there are bigger hedons and greater pleasures in the early stages of love. But then tolerance is developing and love turns into love.

For example, we are dealing with science and we are very pleased when this effort is rewarded. We want people to see us, to value us, to listen to our supremacy, to count us. So ours is our cortex. Our cortex is growing by education, so our enjoyment also increases. Because the connection between the cortex and the enjoying brain is increasing. That's why education, language learning, philosophy work increases your connection to the pleasure limbic system and you enjoy it more. Because the connection is so advanced that even thinking about it is enough to warn the enjoying brains.

Sometimes it's getting so much thinking that thinking-enjoying mechanism is constantly working. Then you wear it in your head. This is called 'KARA SEVDA', and the name in the medical literature is obsession. Love turns into obsession. This is an addiction and then it becomes a disease. If the person does not go to work, does not even talk with his friends, he keeps checking his mobile phone, when he expects to call, so if thinking him breaks his social life then it means that the disease has occurred and that he should get rid of it.

He falls in love with people. Why? Because the more people see a person, the more they trust him and then he likes it. We are familiar, we are in love with the people we have seen so many.

There is no such thing. It's usually a family story. If the parent tells the child that 'I am in love with my mother / father for the first time', the child also learns it and says 'I'm in love' when you go and see it once. But at first sight, love does not exist naturally. Love is something that happens over time. Instantaneous does not occur. The momentary thing is not affected, it is the attraction of the person. So he's a libid. 

If we continue to talk about who we are in love with; we say to those who are close and familiar, and at the same time we fall in love with accessible people. So we are not very far away. We want to be under our hands because we want to contact him.

Naturally, we do not recognize it because we are afraid of what we have just seen. We do not know if it will hurt us. But as we speak, we start to trust him as soon as we open our door. So we trust people who talk a lot and tell us about themselves. And if we make us laugh, we feel more confident. They give us a signal that that person is not dangerous. We see and love him a lot.

As we talk to him about the formation of love, trust also occurs and increases the hormone oxytocin. This hormone finishes your fears. Friendship begins when fear is over. So basically, friendship starts before love. As this bond increases, oxytocin turns it into love. So the formula of love is; trust, oxytocin and a pinch of obsession. While oxytocin gives very good emotions, stress hormones also increase while relaxing the person. Because fear of losing is beginning to happen; You are starting to say 'go to'. So trust and insecurity are experiencing at the same time. There is stress in love and stress is soothing. It's like this in itself. Like yang yang ... That passionate love is actually a stressful thing and it lasts 24 months. If you can not do it anyway, you can not lift it. Then, in general, oxytocin peaks and you're more connected.